I have owned a reasonable number of cameras over the last 10 years - from clunky, large medium format film cameras right down to little compact digital ones. Every camera I have owned has a uniqueness to it - no two have taken the same images in the same way, always encouraging me to try different things. They all have their advantages in one thing or another, excelling at something specific where the others don’t. Despite all this, whenever I get asked which is favourite camera there is no hesitation when I answer - the Olympus OM1n.

There it is, in all its glory. Small, light yet reassuringly solid it is an excellent camera to walk around for a day with. It is fully mechanical, so battery or no battery you can take as many photos as films you can carry. Self timer? Check. Backlog of excellent lenses? Check. A shutter that sounds like music? Check. To me it is the archetypal 35mm SLR - I know what whatever I want it to do it will be able to do it with no complications, mechanically, and beautifully.

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